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Other Organizations Explored for Professional Development

Association of New York Special Educators of the Emotionally Disturbed ANYSEED (1981-84).

ANYSEED has a long history as an organization dedicated to helping professionals from a wide variety of fields address the needs of individuals with emotional problems. The newsletter, local gatherings and conferences highlight leaders in the area of emotional disturbance from around the United States. It is one of the oldest continuing professional groups related to emotional disturbances.

California Association of Professors of Special Education CAPSE (1984 to present)

This is a colleagial professional gathering of college professors across the state of California who work in the area of special education. The group works as an advocacy and information exchange forum for faculty at public and private institutions of higher education. A major focus of the group is to enhance the training programs which meet the California Credential Commission requirements for certification.


CAPSE has long been an affiliated organization with the state Council for Exceptional Children. It cosponsors sessions and meetings with the California Subdivision of the CEC Teacher Education Division (TED)


Consortium of California Universities: Physically Handicapped Credentials (1986 to 1995)

A collaborative effort by the universities in California which offer physically handicap teaching credentials. The group looks at identifying, interpreting and planning for those individuals with physical handicaps. The group works closely to provide suggestions to the California Teacher Credential Commission. Over the years, as fewer universities offer a PH credential program, the group members increasingly reflect individuals concerned and dedicated to the full continuum of services for individuals with othopedic or other health impairments.



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