The Role of Mathematics in Amplifying Science Research


Dr.Juan Meza

High Performance Computing Research

Department Head

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA



Computer modeling and simulation of physical processes has taken on an increasingly larger role in scientific research. In fact, computational science has become what some people term the "third pillar" of science along with theory and experimentation. This increased role is due partly to the tremendous growth in computational power. More importantly, however, the increased role is a direct result of a better understanding of the underlying mathematics and the development of improved algorithms. Examples from wide-ranging fields such as nanoscience, biology, climate modeling and astrophysics point not only to the role that mathematics plays in modeling physical processes but also in predicting new phenomena. In this talk, I will discuss several areas where mathematics has had a profound impact on science, and the role that mathematics has played in "amplifying" the research.

Level of the audience: general audience