July Pray for:
1 The Most Precious Blood of our Lord  Jesus Christ Devotion to the Precious Blood that recognizes ourneed of humiliaty
2 Fourth Sunday After Pentecost
3 Indepedence Day the Brotherhood of St. Andrew
4 grace to maintain our liberties in righteousness and peace
5 BVM Associations of Anglican Musicians
6 Sexburga of Ely all efforts of evangelism that they might be blessed with true success
7 Paladius of Ireland creative leadershit that will result in a unified people in the Northern Counties
8 Aquila and Priscila renewal in faith, life and discipline in all parishes
9 Fifth Sunday After Pentecost a devotion that may result in pure affection
10 all bishops, especially my own
11 Benedict of Nursia the Order of St. Benedict
12 BVM the preservation of natural resources
13 Silas, companion of Paul for missions to business, industry, and the arts
14 Bonaventure of Albano doctors, nurses, and social workers
15 Translation of Swithum of Winchester seasonable weather and sufficient rain
16 Sixth Sunday After Pentecost grace to perceive and fulfill what we ought to do
17 William White recondilliation in the Episcopal Church
18 hostages and their families
19 Macrina The Association of Episcopal Colleges
20 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, and Harreit Ross Tubman workers for social and racial justice
21 the ministry of prayer warriors and all Carmels
22 St. Mary Magdalene that all persons be brought to repentance
23 Seventh Sunday After Pentecost the ability to recognize that our worthiness lays in our Savior, Jesus Christ
24 Thomas Kempis more people to adopt a spiritual rule
25 St. James the Apostle the spirit of self-denial
26 The Parents of the BVM Mar Thoma Church of India
27 William Reed Huntington a spirit of listening in Ecumenical Dialogues informed by the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral
28 Samson of Dol the Mercer School of Theology
29 Mary and Martha of Bethany the safety of Christians under persecution
30 Eighth Sunday After Pentecost oliness to pass through things temporal that we may share things eternal
31 Ignatius Loyola St. Joseph's Ward, St. Mary in the Palms, Los Angeles, CA
August Pray for:
1 Joseph of Arimathaea proper and reverent burial of the dead
2 The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
3 Nicodemus spiritually enlightened political leadership
4 Jean-Baptiste Vianney, Cure d'Ars The Society of Catholic Priests
5 Oswald of Northumbria all martyrs of conscience
6 The Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord that we may be delivered from the disquietude of this world and behold the King in his beauty and the Community of the Transfiguration
7 John Mason Neale Society of St. Margaret
8 Dominic, Priest, Friar, and Founder for strenghthening of the ministry of preaching and for the Anglican Order of Preachers
9 reconcilliation in Iraq mong all parties, tribal, religious, and ethnic, and ceasing of conflict
10 Laurence of Rome Annunciation Ward, Annunciation, Philadelphia, PA
11 Clare of Assissi Community of St. Francis
12 Hippolytus of Rome unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials, and charity in all
13 Tenth Sunday After Pentecost The Church: that God's continual pity may cleanse and defend her thereby preserving Her for everymore 
14 Jonathan Myrick Daniels those who work for the protection of Civil Rights
15 Assumption of the BVM that we may share in the glory of the Mother of God and have the grace to follow in the blessed steps of our Lord's mostly holy life
16 Stephen of Hungary Creative leadership to heal the divisions in the churches of Eastern Europe
17 all Cistercian Houses and their continued witness to the power of poverty
18 William Porcher du Bose The School of Theology - Sewanee
19 BVM St. Luke's Ward - St Luke's, Fort Myers, FL
20 Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost grace to live thankfully into the fruits of Christ's redeeming work
21 Abraham of Smolensk my parish priest
22 Queenship of the BVM Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity
23 Rose of Lima work with Hispanic/Latino Communities
24 St. Bartholomew, Apostle grace to truly believe and preach the Word for growth throughout the Church in the essentials of faith, hope, and love
25 Louis of France the Church's ministry to the hearing-impaired
27 Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost that the Holy Spirit might unite the Church to show forth God's power and glory among all peoples
28 Augustine of Hippo Community of the Holy Spirit
29 Beheading of John Baptist Community of St. John the Baptist
30 Charles C. Grafton Grafton Ward- Grace Church, Sheboygan, WI
31 Aidan of Leindesfarne the witness of the Northumbrian Community
September Pray for:
1 David Pendleton Oakenhater North American Association for the Diaconate and the work and witness of vocational deacons
2 Martyrs of New Guinea Melanesian Brotherhood
3 Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost the increase of true religion and the nourishment of all goodness
4 Paul Jones, Bishop and Peace Advocate (Labor Day) increase of those who work for peace (in thanksgiving for those whose labor  provides for our necessities, both spiritual and corporeal)
5 Boris and Gleb Patriarch of Moscow, the Russian Synod, the unity of the Church in the Ukraine and reconcilliation between Rome and Moscow
6 the people of the Ukraine
7 God's mercy to the world
8 Nativity of the BVM St. Mary's Ward - St. Mary's, Ashville, NC
9 Constance, Nun and her Companions Community of St. Mary
10 Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost that the dawn of salvation may be dear to our hearts; so that we may trust the Lord fully
11 Blessed Constance and her Companions Ward, St. George's Ardmore, PA
12 John Henry Hobart General Theological Seminary
13 Cyprian of Carthage elimination of the slave trade in the Sudan and Subsaharan Africa
14 The Holy Cross Order of the Holy Cross
15 Seven Sorrows of the BVM Union of Black Episcopalians
16 Ninian of Galloway St. Clare's Ward - St. Paul's, Savannah, GA
17 Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost that the Holy Spirit may in all things direct and rule our hearts
18 Edward Bouverie Pusey for encounters in the life of the Church which surpasses our common experience
19 Theodore of Tarsus for Anglican/Orthodox discussions
20 John Coleridge Patteson (Ember Day) the Church in Aotearea and the evangelistic efforts of the Bush Brotherhood (those to be ordained to the sacred ministry)
21 St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist the work of Church planters and missionaries
22 (Ember Day) for the choice of fit persons for the ordained ministry
23 BVM (Ember Day) Daughters of the King
24 Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost that we may love things heavenly and hold fast to that which endures
25 Sergius of Moscow the monastic witness to the power of stability
26 Lancelot Andrews Nashotah House
27 Vincent de Paul the work and witness of the Vincent de Paul Society
28 Wenceslaus of Bohemia refugees in Central Europe
29 St. Michael and All Angels thanksgiving for the ministry of angels and St. Michael's Ward - Church of the Ascension, Chicago and St. Michael's Denver
30 Jerome of Bethlehem the safety and witness of the Christian Community in Bethlehem
October Pray for:
1 Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost that the Holy Spirit may enable us to obtain the promise of heavenly treasure
2 The Holy Guardian Angels the terminally ill and those near death
3 Therese of Lisieux the Church in France and its work to evangelize in the face of apathy
4 Francis of Assissi, Friar, Deacon and Founder for simplicity of life and the worldwide work of the Society of St. Francis, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Orders
5 for a deeper connection between the truth of the Incarnation and of all that is human
6 Bruno, founder all Carthusian Charterhouses and an increase in the comtemplative life
7 Holy Rosary of the BVM St. Mary's Ward - St. Mary the Virgin, NYC
8 Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost that we may grow in our readiness to pray and actively participate in the abundance of God's mercy
9 Robert Grosseteste of Lincoln Anglican colleges and universities
10 Paulinus, First Archbishop of York John Sentamu, Archbishop of York and the Province of York
11 Motherhood of the BVM St. Cuthbert's Ward - Gethsemane Church, Marion, IN
12 Wilfrid of York St. Paul's Ward, St. Paul's, Washington, DC
13 Edward the Confessor for the deepening of Jewish - Christian dialogue
14 Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky translators of Holy Scripture
15 Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost that we may continually be given to good works by the activity of grace and be made partakers in the heavenly kingdom
16 Latimer, Ridley, and Cranmer, Bishops and Martyrs a lively and informed witness to the Catholic and Reformed Faith
17 Ignatius of Antioch the Society of St. John the Evangelist
18 St. Luke, Evangelist International Order of St. Luke the Physician
19 Henry Martyn Gewargis III, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Church of the East
20 the annual pilgrimage to Lalabella, Ethiopia
21 BVM the Administrator, and the continuing campaign to expand the witness of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
22 Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost that the Church throughout the world may persevere with steadfast faith in the confession of Jesus Christ
23 St. James of Jerusalem that the Church may give itself continuously to prayer and reconcilliation and the work of the Armenian, Greek, and Latin Custodians
24 Raphael the Archangel people suffering from war, disease, and famine in Africa
25 an increase in women's vocations to the religious life
26 Alfred the Great for steadfastness in the Faith
27 Church Periodical Club and the Anglican Society
28 SS. Simon and Jude, Apostles all bishops, especially my own
29 Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost that we may run without stumbling to obtain God's heavenly promises
30 stability in the Archipelagos of Southeast Asia and the witness of Christians for justice and peace
31 Vigil of All Saints All Saints Ward - All Saints, Fort Worth, TX
November Pray for:
1 All Saints, Twenty-Second After Pentecost the aid and intersession of the saints
2 All Souls all the departed as well as the work of the Chantry of the Guild of All Suls
3 Richard Hooker courage to proclaim the Gospel whatever the obstacles
4 Charles Borromeo A Petrine primacy acceptable to all Christians
5 All Saints Sunday, Twenty-Second After Pentecost that through the hope of Christ's purity we may be made like Him the political and communal will to work to rebuild the USA with all God's children in mind
6 The Bible Reading Fellowship
7 Willibrord of Utrecht The Archbihop of Utrecht and the Old Catholic Churches
8 Saints and Martyrs of the Anglican Communion My Ward, its Superior, and Members
9 all parish priests, especially my own
10 Leo the Great Society of the Holy Cross (SSC)
11 Martin of Tours The Church Army and its work of evangelism
12 Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost that we may hear, read, mark, and learn God's Word
13 St. Andrew's Ward - St. Andrew's, Buffalo, NY
14 Bestowal of the American Episcopate the House of Bishops: leadership inspired and under the discipline of the Holy Spirit
15 Albert the Great Order of the Teachers of the Children of God
16 Margaret of Scotland the work of camp and conference centers
17 Hugh of Lincoln wise and faith-filled leadership from the Anglican Primates
18 Hilda of Whitby the cultivation of obedience and stability in the Church
19 The Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost that we may read, mark, learn and inwardly digest all Holy Scripture, that we may hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life
20 Edmund of East Anglia Society of St. Paul
21 Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Shrine of Our Lady of Clemency, Phladelphia, and its ministry of intercession
22 Cecilia of Rome support and cultivation of church music and musicians
23 Thanksgiving that we may be fiathful stewards of God's bounty
24 St. Savior's Ward - St. Clement's, Philadelphia
25 James O. S. Huntington ministries dedicated to the inner city
26 Christ the King greater thanksgiving for and obedience to the reign of Christ
27 Christ the King Ward - Christ Church, Williamsport, PA
28 Kamehameha and Emma all rulers and leaders of the nations
29 Little Gidding and their witness to the life of prayer
30 St. Andrew the Apostle the work and witness of the Primus and College of Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Scotland
December Pray for:
1 Nicholas Ferrar innovative and culturally astute missionaries
2 Channing Moore Williams Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui and Nippon Sei Ko Kal
3 Advent 1 for grace to cast away the works of darkness and put on the armor of light
4 John of Damascus Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
11 Bishop James DeKoven Ward - Intercession Church, Steven's Point, WI
12 Jane Francis de Chantal for hospitals and homes for the aged
13 Lucy of Sicily (Ember Day) creative and peaceful solutions to the threat of terrorism (for those to be ordained to the sacred ministry)
14 John of the Cross Jesus' vision tht we all might be one as He and the Father are One
15 (Ember Day) (vocations to the ordained ministry and a disciplined priesthood in the Church)
16 (Ember Day) (a deeper understanding of our baptsmal vocations)
17 Advent 3 grace to put away sin
18 grace to live exemplary moral and devotional lives
19 Brothers and Sisters of St. Gregory
20 right understanding and use of the marriage canons
21 St. Thomas the Apostle for faith that overcomes doubt and the Church in kerala
22 the sacrament of reconcilliation that it may be widely used
23 prepared, devout, and regular communions in church
24 Advent 4 ourselves, that we may be mansions prepared for Our Lord
25 The Nativity thanksgiving for the great gift of the Incarnation; that the light of Christ  might shine through us
26 St. Stephen in thanksgiving for the vision of mystics
27 St. John St. Jude's Ranch and its work with children
28 The Holy innocents for children victimized, murdered, and abused
29 Thomas Becket for those who practice the ministry of conflict resolution
30 Josephine Butler for prisoners, captives, hostages, and their families
31 Christmas I that the Incarnate Word may be enkindled in our hearts