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H. E. Baber • Spring 2010  
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Week 1: Introduction

Week 1: Russell. "Our Knowledge of the External World"

Week 2: Russell. "On Denoting"

Week 2: Strawson. "On Referring" and Russell's response

Week 3: Quine. "On What There Is"

Week 3: Ayer. "The A Priori " and the Logical Positivist program

Week 4: Quine. "Two Dogmas of Empiricism"

Week 5: Frege. "On Sense and Reference"

Week 5: Black. "The Identity of Indiscernibles"

Week 7: Quine. "Identity, Ostension and Hypostasis"

Week 7: Kripke. "Identity and Necessity"

Week 8: Putnam. "Meaning and Reference"

Week 9: The Mind-Body Problem

Week 9: Turing. "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"

Week 10: Searle. "Minds, Brains, and Programs"

Week 10: Lewis. "Mad Pain and Martian Pain"

Week 11: Block. "Inverted Earth"

Week 11: Jackson. "What Mary Didn't Know"

Week 12: Dennett. "Where Am I?"

Week 12: Olson. "An Argument for Animalism"

Week 14: Parfit. "Personal Identity"

Week 14: Sider. "Time Travel, Coincidences and Counterfactuals"

Week 14: Bennett. "Spatio-Temporal Coincidence and the Grounding Problem"