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H. E. Baber • Spring 2007  
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On reading and writing philosophy

Pryor. "Guidelines on Reading Philosophy"

Pryor. "Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper"

The External World and Other Minds

Russell. "Our Knowledge of the External World "

Some additional readings:

Bouwsma. "Descartes Evil Genius"

Zombies on the Web (Chalmers)

Polger. "Zombies"

Lem. "How Trurl's Own Perfection Led to No Good"

Meaning and Reference: The Russell-Strawson Debate

Russell. "On Denoting"

Strawson. "On Referring"

Russell. "Mr Strawson On Referring"

Meaning and Reference: (More) Contemporary Classics

Kripke. "Identity and Necessity"

Putnam. "Meaning and Reference"

Externalism and the Mental

Davidson. "Knowing One's Own Mind"

Some additional readings:

Tyler Burge. "Individualism and the Mental"

Ontology: The Problem of Universals

Quine. "On What There Is"
The Logical Positivist Program

Ayer. "The A Priori"

Some additional readings:

Ayer. "The Elimination of Metaphysics”

Ayer. Language, Truth and Logic (squashed version)

The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction Quine. "Two Dogmas of Empiricism"
Sense and Reference Frege. "On Sense and Reference"

Black. "The Identity of Indiscernibles"

Quine. "Identity, Ostension, Hypostasis"

Bennett. "Spatio-Temporal Coincidence and the Grounding Problem"

The Mind-Body Problem

Turing. "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"

Searle. "Minds, Brains and Programs"

Lewis. "Mad Pain and Martian Pain

Dennett. "Where Am I?

Some additional readings:

"Place. " Is Consciousness a Brain Process?"


Personal Identity

Parfit. "Personal Identity"

Olson. "An Argument for Animalism"

Some additional readings:

Quinton. “The Soul”

Perry. "Can the Self Divide?"

The Private Language Argument Wittgenstein. Philosophical Investigations 244 - 271

Block. "Inverted Earth"

Jackson. "Epiphenomenal Qualia"

Jackson. "What Mary Didn't Know"

Time and Time Travel Sider. "Time Travel, Coincidences and Counterfactuals."