The Economics and Ethics of Gender in the Developing World


Martha Nussbaum. Women and Human Development

Susan Moller Okin. Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?

Topics and Readings 

What the world is like: facts, values and expectations

              Quick Facts

Women at a Glance

Women in the Developing World

Women in Development Data

Missing women

Women's education

Population growth


Engendering Development

Sen on "Asian Values" (optional)

What Went Wrong? (optional)


Challenge of Globalization

Globalization and the Poor

Jihad vs. McWorld (optional)

Beyond Jihad vs. McWorld (optional)

The Culture of Liberty

Introduction: a case of honor killing

Honor Killing in Sweden

Honor Killing in the Middle East

Ethical theory: Utilitarianism and its discontents

(1) Consequentialism: rights theories vs. consequentialist theories

              Survey of Moral Theories

              Utilitarianism: a sample theory and some objections to it       

(2) Welfarism: Well-being


Nozick. Anarchy,State and Utopia, p. 43 ff (the experience machine)

Preference utilitarianism

              John Harsanyi. Morality and the Theory of Rational Behavior

Martha Nussbaum. Adaptive Preference and Womens Options in Women in Human Development, pp. 111 - 166

H. E. Baber. "Subjective Welfareism and Adaptive Preference"        

Jon Elster. "Sour Grapes"

Objective-list theories

              Martha Nussbaum. In Defense of Universal Values in Women in Human Development, pp. 34 - 110

(3) Sum-ranking and distributive justice

              Distributive Justice

Readings from Rawls, Nozick and Singer

Liberalism: Romanticism and the flight from Enlightenment


Universalism and Cultural relativism

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women

Maryam Namazie. "Cultural Relativism - This Era's Fascism"

Fluehr-Lobban. "Anthropology, Cultural Relativism and Universal Rights"

Communitarianism, Multiculturalism and Identity Politics


Identity Politics

Multiculturalism: Culture constrains

Anthony Appiah. Color Conscious: Race, Culture, Identity"

H. E. Baber. "Gender Conscious"

Susan Okin. "Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?"

Will Kymlicka. "Liberal Complacencies?

Katha Pollit. "Whose Culture?"

Janet Halley. "Culture Constrains"

Current Issues

Women and Islam

              Voices from Behind the Veil

Arab Women Demand Quotas

Muhammad's instructions liberated women of the day

Sex Trade: Trafficking in Women

              Russia Battles its Sex Trade

              In Nigeria, a stoning sentence as power play

              BBC Global Crime Report

Multinationals and Women’s Labor in the Developing World

Sweatshops in Thailand: Lern's Story

Vietnam protects its labor force; Foreign investors face fines for infractions

In Praise of Cheap Labor

Ecuador: Labor Abuses Rampant in Banana Plantations, Says Group

Female Genital Mutilation as a test case: so you think you’re a cultural relativist?

World Health Organization FMG Info

Desert Flower: The Waris Dirie Story

Female "Circumcision" Comes to America

Wife Beating


The Vice President of Uganda

Customary Law: A Test Case

Mungiki: an indigenous African sect

              Kenyan Women Protest at Trouser Police

Protective Labor Market Legislation: maternity leave, safety regulations, childcare, minimum wage


National sovereignty and human rights: Rawls Law of the Peoples, etc.