Some Term Paper Ideas and Resources


Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?: each of the essays in this book is an argument piece, suitable for response. Most focus on female genital mutilation as the most striking “test case” but some address broader issues, for example, Halley’s essay, “Culture Constrains” deals with the consequences of maintaining communal property rights in religious groups and Indian tribes.

Distributive Justice: the selections from Rawls, Nozick and Singer are each excellent philosophical discussions that you can critique for your term paper.

Diversity and Integration: the articles by Appiah and Baber each argue against “diversity.” Each is suitable for critique.

National Sovereignty and Human Rights

Women and Religion

Preferential Treatment and Protective Legislation: search for essays on the following topics

Some Useful links

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy with its search page at is the best resource available for research on any philosophical topic. Each article includes extensive, current bibliography; most also include useful links. Articles are philosophical and include surveys of the arguments pro and con. All material is updated regularly, most within the last 2 years. Most are models of good philosophical writing—to be emulated.

International Development Ethics Association at Not much here but it might be worth poking around. For links, check out their links page at

ID21 at is “is a fast-track research reporting service funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). It aims to bring UK-based development research findings and policy recommendations to policymakers and development practitioners worldwide.” Ideas and source material rather than philosophical argument papers.

Cultural Survival website at devoted to “promoting the rights, voices and visions of indigenous peoples”