Spring 2016:  Final Exam Review


I          Write the letter of the correct answer in the space provided at the beginning of each sentence. (10 – 20) multiple choice questions @ 1 point each: 10 - 20 points total)

            To answer these questions you should understand the following concepts:

II               Which of the following symbolized sentences in predicate logic, if any, is (are) correct translations of the following English sentences? (5 multiple choice questions @ 1 point each: 5 total)

III              Truth tree. What does the following truth tree tell you? You wonÕt have to do a truth tree but youÕll be given a completed truth tree that tests for validity and asked questions like: what the conclusion of the argument it tests is, whether the argument is shown to be valid or invalid, if invalid what assignment(s) of truth values to sentence letters makes the premises true and conclusion false, and what the tree shows about the consistency or inconsistency of initial sentences. (5 true/false questions @ 1 point each: 5 total)

IV              Derive the conclusions of the following symbolized arguments. You may use all 19 rules, conditional and indirect proof where appropriate (2 problems @ 5 points each: 10 total)

V               Use conditional proof or indirect proof and the 19 rules of inference where appropriate to establish the truth of the following tautology (1 problem @ 5 points: 5 total)

Last Things

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