Useful Links

On Reading Philosophy and On Writing Philosophy

PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers. It monitors journals in many areas of philosophy, as well as archives and personal pages. It sorts by topic. You can find just about anything that's worth anything here.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The industry-standard encyclopedia for philosophy. The articles are great, though not always easy reading, and include lots of bibliography and further references for investigation. A good place to get ideas for term papers and start your research!

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Easier read than the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. If the Stanford is more than you want, go here.

American Philosophical Association
Our professional society. Many useful links.

David Chalmers' Site
David Chalmers' prize-winning website with many, many wonderful links to everything from abstruse papers on metaphysics and philosophy of mind to sites on weird psychological abnormalities to philosophical humour sites.

A Field Guide to Philosophy of Mind
Excellent site for discussions of current topics in philosophy of mind--as far as it goes. The site is still under construction: some of the topics still don't have entries up and some of the entries don't have bibliographies. But it provides an overview of topics in philosophy of mind. And what's there is good.

Society of Christian Philosophers
Does conferences (we had one at USD), publishes the Faith and Philosophy, and much, much more. Membership is open to anyone who considers themself a philosopher, professional or otherwise, and who considers themself a Christian. Special student rates for membership and conference registration. Join us!