Mary Lyons' Innaugural Address: The Public Purpose of the University of San Diego. Nov. 16, 2003 (pdf)

Mary Lyons' Address to the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. Feb. 5, 2006 (pdf)

Mary Lyons' Letter to Tina Beattie, Oct 27, 2012 (pdf)

Mary Lyons' Letter to Gerard Mannion, Oct 27, 2012 (pdf)

Mary Lyons' Evolving Explanations for the Beattie Disinvitation: A Chart (pdf)

Gerard Mannion's Letter to Mary Lyons, Oct 29, 2012 (pdf)

Tina Beattie's Letter, Nov 1 2012 (pdf)

A student's letter to Mary Lyons, Nov. 11, 2012

Manion Statement to Academic Assembly, Nov. 6, 2012 (pdf)

Professor Bart Thurber's lecture to Morterboard (pdf)

Comment by Tina Beattie on the address to students by Dr. Mary Lyons, Dec 7, 2012

Key issues pertaining to the CCTC

Prof. Beattie's Case: Clarifications

Faculty Petition for President Lyons' Resignation

Phi Beta Kappa letter (pdf)

O'Prey letter in support of Tina Beattie (pdf)

Public Statement by Tina Beattie (pdf)

Statement of Recission on CCTC Site (pdf)

AAUP to Lyons on Beattie Recission (pdf)

Advisory Council CCTC to Lyons (pdf)

CCTC Program Description (pdf)

Brian Alexander letter (pdf)

Carleton Floyd's letter to Mary Lyons (pdf)

Tina Beattie Reflection (pdf)

Shared Governance and Catholic Social Teaching at USD (pdf)