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This is the Daley Group page devoted to all things in and around the Daley Group. Please feel free to peruse the site and use the links on the left to get around quickly. We have a lot of information on this page so hopefully you will
find what you are looking for. However, if you think we missed something, please let us know by sending an email to the webmaster.

If you are a current student at USD and you are looking to join the Daley Group as an undergraduate researcher, please visit our Research and Daley Group links on the left for more information about the projects and people in the lab. After viewing these, if you think you may be interested in joining the Daley Group, please fill out the undergraduate research application and contact Dr. Daley to set up an appointment to meet, discuss the research you are interested in, and to discuss openings in the group. Currently the Daley Group is actively looking for new members!!

The Daley Group makes its home in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department which is housed in the Shiley Science and Technology Center at the University of San Diego. Our group is currently interested in two broad areas of study: Bioinorganic chemistry and organometallic chemistry. In the bioinorganic area, we examine the structure and function relation of the active-site in monometallic enzymes, such as nitrile hydratase, using the synthetic analogue approach. Our organometallic research currently focuses on the development of new chiral ligands for use in metal-mediated enantioselective catalysis. For more information on our research projects, please visit the research link.


Daley Group Disbanded!
In a shocking turn of events - all members of Team Daley have disbanded come May 2013. Word on the street is Dr. Daley is going underground for a year (see Seen Daley No More below for more details). Fortunately everyone has landed on their feat: Madelegne Gerling and Hillary Hawkins graduated along with Daniel Huh - who is off to Illinois State University to pursue a graduate degree, Continuing students Kayleen Fulton (Iovine), Raymond Sullivan (Bolender), and Alexandra Heller (Clark) have landed safely on new research teams.

Seen Daley No More.
Dr. Daley will be on Sabbatical for the 2013-2014 academic year. While you may think you see him around the building, be assured it is just an apparition and do not be offended if it does not respond to you.

Congratulations to Alexandra Heller: 2013 Alumni Summer Research Fellowship Awardee.
Alex will work in the Clark group over the summer of 2013 thanks to the award..