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March 2013
Alexandra Heller is awarded a 2013 Alumni Summer Research Fellowship!
Alex will spend summer 2013 in the laboratory of Dr. Tim Clark studying the asymmetric copper-catalyzed diboration of aldehydes by using chiral anheterocyclic carbenes.

Fall 2013
Daley Speaks Out!
Dr. Daley had the fortune to present his research at the University of California San Diego at a group meeting in the laboratories of Dr. Clifford P. Kubiak as well as at San Diego State University as part of their Seminar Series. Joining Dr. Daley at the Kubiak talk was Daniel Huh who presented his own research on ruthenium-nitrosyl complexes.

May 2012
New Daley Group Members!
The Daley Group is happy to welcome Alex Heller (Freshman), Maddie Gerling (Biology), and Raymond Sullivan (Chemistry), along with returning members Dan Huh (Chemistry) and Lauren Bernier (BA Chemistry), to the Summer 2012 research team. Summerfest 2012 is set to begin in June - let the positive results pour in!

USD Graduates!
Congratulations to Jessica Rodriguez (BA Biology), Eric Czer (BA Biochemistry), Lauren Bernier (BA Chemistry), and Danielle McCourt (BA Biochemistry) for graduating from USD!

March 2012
Two Future Medical Doctors!
Congratulations to both Jessica Rodriguez (BA Biology, 2012) and Eric Czer (BA Biochemistry, 2012) on being accepted to medical school!

New Group Member Receives SURE Funding for Summer 2012.
Raymond Sullivan was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) award from USD. The award will allow Raymond to work on the isoindoline catalysis project over the summer of 2012. Congratulations Raymond.

January 2012
New Bruker X-Ray Diffractometer is Online!
Our new dual source x-ray diffractometer is officially installed and ready to go. Dr. Dutnall has already collected an incredible data set on lysozyme. We are so excited to have this instrument in place - looking forward to having our group (and others) solve x-ray structures.

December 2011
Congratulations to Emily Prieto for Graduating with a BA in Biochemistry.
Emily completed her BA in Biochemistry in December, 2011. We look forward to writing about her future successes!

August 2011
Daley Group Publishes its Work on the NHase Synthetic Analogue in the Journal of Bioinorganic Chemistry
The work began in 2002 and after many trials and tribulations, which included Daley ligand version 1.x, 2.x, and finally 3.1, our group effort on the synthesis and characterization of our Co-NHase synthetic analogue has been published. This was truly a group effort with 10 students contributing significantly to its completion. So a hearty congratulations to Jennifer Angelosante (WWU), Lauren Schopp (USD), Briea Lewis (WWU), Amber Vitalo (USD), Dustin Titus (WWU), Rebecca Swanson (WWU), April Stanley (USD), Brendan Abolins (WWU), Michelle Frome (WWU), and Lisa Cooper (WWU). Also, a special thanks to Dr. Curtis Moore and Professor Arnie Rheingold (UCSD) for solving our x-ray crystal structure - the key component that has kept us from publishing oh this many years. You can see the paper here if you have access.

USD Chemistry and Biochemistry Secures a Dual Source Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer Through a Successful NSF-MRI Grant!
That's right!! Co-PIs Dr. Daley, Dr. Dutnall, and Dr. Malachowski had their NSF-MRI grant successfully funded. The result is that our department will have a single crystal x-ray diffractometer installed with dual Mo and Cu x-ray sources and low temperature capabilities that will be used to study small molecules, small proteins, and powders. Installation should be around the New Year.

March 2011
Daley Group Publishes in Inorganica Chimica Acta
The original work of Rebecca Swanson and Joseph Gibbons from WWU on the synthesis and characterization of a series of diamidato-bis(diphenylphosphino)platinum(II) complexes was completed by Ryan Haywood at USD. Their work has now been published in the journal Inorganica Chimica Acta (see it here if you have access) with all three students being co-authors on the manuscript. It is the second paper in our series on diamidato-bis(diphenylphosphino)-based metal complexes, with the first having been on palladium(II) complexes, which was also published in the same journal in 2007.

December 2010
Jessica Rodriguez is Awarded the Alice B Hayes Scholarship
The Alice B. Hayes scholarship will pay for Jessica's summer research stipend and also give some supply funds for her research. Congratulations to Jessica!

November 2010
Daley Group Publishes in Dalton Transactions
Jessica Cryder's work on our chiral trinitrogen isoindoline-based pincer ligand was published this month in Dalton Transaction (see it here if you have access). The paper describes the synthesis and characterization of two metal complexes containing our desired chiral ligand. This work began with the efforts of Andrew Killgore at WWU (the first person to isolate one of the complexes but it was not completely characterized at the time) and was defeated (i.e. made successful) by the never-ending efforts of Jessica Cryder. Both Jessica and Andrew are co-authors on the manuscript and they deserve lots of credit for their work.

May 2010
Jessica "Crystal" Cryder Wins Department Research Award
Jessi was one of three students who were honored by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for outstanding research. Congratulations Jessi!

November 2009
Publication in Acta Cryst.
Grant Ferrell's hard work over the summer of 2009 has lead to a publication in Acta Crystallographica: Section E, 2009, E65(12), m1512.

Publication in Acta Cryst.
Lauren Schopp successfully completed the work required to publish the Independent Project group work of Katie Mill and Kelly Nesseth from Chem 423W (Spring 200)9. Their work can be found in Acta Crystallographica: Section E2009, E65(11), m1354.

Daley Group Presents at ACS National Meeting, August 2009.
Kyle Cordova, Jessica Cryder, Grant Ferrell, and Lauren Schopp travelled with Dr. Daley to the ACS meeting in Washington, DC. Kyle, Jessi, and Grant presented their work at the Inorganic and SciMix poster sessions. Click here to see more.