1995 Nobel Prize awarded to Nuesslein-Volhard, Wieschaus and Lewis for Fundamental Discoveries in Developmental Biology Studying Genetics of Drosophila Embryogenesis

From Time Magazine Online Daily News Summaries:

AMERICANS, GERMAN WIN NOBEL FOR MEDICINE: Americans Edward Lewis and Eric Wieschaus will share the $1 million Nobel Prize in Medicine with German Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard. The three were recognized for work on genetic studies that could help explain birth defects and miscarriages. All three used that classroom staple, the fruit fly, as the basis of their experiments. "They found the genetic master control system for taking a fertilized egg and turning it into a fruit fly embryo," says medical writer Christine Gorman. Because the system exists in other species, she adds, "it explains a lot about the development of human embryos as well."

NOBEL HINT: If someone with a Swedish accent calls, don't hang up. Wieschaus had been sleeping when he answered: "This man spoke to me in a Swedish accent. I thought he probably had the wrong number. Maybe he did, but they're not going to take it back."

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