(From USD Academic Computing Department)

Normal print charges are 10 cents per black and white sheet and $1.00 per color sheet in Serra 185. Each Fall semester, the Academic Computing Department adds $6.00 to every students ID card automatically for printing in any of our computer labs. This will give each student 60 free black and white prints. The student should check his or her balance once the semester has officially started before attempting to print. There are "Deposit Machines" in both Olin 122 and Serra 205 where one may check the   balance or add money to one's card. These machines do not take coins and are for printing purposes only. The money cannot be used as campus cash. If at anytime  the student has a problem with his or her ID card or if the student did not receive the $6.00 for the Fall semester, please have the student check with a Lab Supervisor in Serra 205. The Supervisor  will be able to take care of the problem right then and there. One cannot stress how important it is to come to the labs prepared with money on one's account.  And for one to check the balance regularly. The Lab Assistants in the computer labs will not allow one to take any printouts if the student does not have sufficient amount of money on the card.