(Definitions from June Campbell - pps. 12-13, Computer Edge, January 19, 2007)


1.  Virus -- a software program that alters the way your computer operates, without your permission or knowledge -- arrive mostly with e-mail attachments when you click on attachment.


2.  A Worm -- a software that uses computer networks and security breaches to make copies of itself -- worms replicate themselves from one computer to another often inside Word or Excel documents.


3.  Spyware -- a software that tracks personal information without your consent, and reports back to a mother ship (Mad Dog's secret server) -- tracks credit card history, collects passwords, Web browsing history.


4.  Adware -- is advertising-supported software that might automatically play, display ads or download advertising material and can really slow down your computer.


5.  Trojan Horse (the worst of them all) -- a computer file that pretends to do something you want, but actually does something harmful.  Maybe thinking you have found a neat screensaver but downloading opens up backdoor to your computer data, giving access to hackers or gradually erases your system files.