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--                     GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS         





If you do not have  the coupon filled out and presented to your  instructor during the designated

"turn-in day"  class meeting, all class A.I.O.M. assignments will be considered

late and  no credit given. 

Step 1. Purchase Adventures in Operations Management     CD-ROM  and Booklet (author is Quant

Systems, Inc., now Hawkes Learning Systems)  from USD Bookstore.  Make sure the booklet

 has  with it a shrinked wrapped white and red licensing coupon that has not been filled out.

Note:  Your CD-ROM should have printed message on label :  Customized Version 3.2,.

 If you purchase the AIOM Booklet with the AIOM CD-ROM from a Internet catalogue

company, e.g.,, you will not be purchasing the Helmich, customized version #3.2

Step 2.   Print your name carefully on the blank coupon along with other information -- course

is DSCI 300 (and add your section number)  and current date.

Each coupon has a distinct license number.  You cannot use someone else's coupon who has either

 currently enrolled  OR PREVIOUSLY enrolled in DSCI 300  or  DSCI 303.   Exception:

 you do not have to purchase the AIOM booklet if you, yourself,  have taken either

DSCI 300 or DSCI 303 before from PROFESSOR 'mad-dog' HELMICH.  In these cases

you will be able to use your previous access code. If you need your previous access code, send

Hawkes-Learning Systems and  email with your name, title and name of the course and date you took

 previously took the course. Your instructor does not maintain  access codes on file -- you will need to get it

(if you lose it) directly from Hawkes Learning  Systems.

 via email.

Step  3. To obtain your access code you will need to have with you your red and white colored  A.I.O.M. License Coupon.  Then you may connect to the Internet.   The Internet site you will access has the following URL.   This link below is live, so just click on it but first read the steps 3 through 9 below. .

1.  On instructor’s home page click on CLASS SOFTWARE LINK.  Then on item 1.  Adventures in Operations Management (A.I.O.M.) Detailed  Instructions     click on  the link:   aiomp1.htm.

2.  Scroll down to Step 3 and click on live link to

3.  On next screen click on Students (a green bar to the left of Instructors red bar)

4.  Scroll WAY down (past Account Creation box and Bash Board & Beyond box) to Installed Product  section.  Now click on the Register License Number bar (portal).

5. On next screen fill out information First name, Last name, Software License Number, Email Address, Confirm Email Address and then you must  scroll down to School portal – find University of San Diego and click on this school.

6.  Then click on "I Agree"  portal to the terms…    and then click Submit

7.  Next screen will show your AIOM access code needed to open up software – more on this aspect of software usage coming up when assign first AIOM assignment

8. Now you will see your access code come up on the computer screen  or you will receive and Email

with 30 character access code.   This code sets you name, module name, date or executing software module, and certificate code -- more on certificate code later.

9. You must  print access code out or copy it down (if not print out) to work with the AIOM homework assignments.  

Your instructor does not have access to 'access codes' -- only obtained by you from Hawkes-Learning. 

Special Note -  If you have trouble obtaining your access code from Hawkes Learning

Systems web site or other issues using A.I.OM. software,   then a good help number to Hawkes-Learning

is 1-843-571-2825  (not the one in the AIOM Booklet, which is 1-803-571-2815).  Or you may call toll free at

1-800-426-9538.   Numbers here are available  from Monday-Friday 8:30 am-10:00 pm

 and from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Sundays  -- these times are  Eastern Standard Time.

There also are  options  to do a Live Chat and other issues  all under Contact support within

 the URL noted above.  But  for quick link reference here are the technical support

contacts available -- just click  below.

  *  Chat LIVE with a Hawkes-Learning  representative -- this is 24/7:

  *  Search the knowledgebase for a solution to your question:

  *  Create a technical support case:

Special Note: DO THIS  STEP 3 of these instruction  -- OBTAINING  YOUR ACCESS

CODE -- BEFORE the next STEP 4 (NOTED BELOW).  WHY?   so you can obtain your


(Otherwise you will need to dig through a pile of coupons in your instructor's office in

order to obtain your license number to regain your access code..)

Step 4. Give  the filled-out coupon to your instructor during class date indicated  (NOT BEFORE THIS

DATE NOR AFTER THIS DATE) -- so you  have to obtain A.I.O.M.  booklet before that due

date. Hawkes-Learning Systems located in Charleston, South Carolina,  

develops encrypted access codes, not your instructor.  So,  it is not a matter of your instructor

just  looking up access codes.

Step 5 (This and the next subsequent step will be covered when you instructor  assigns specific A.I.O.M. modules).

Once you have an access code you will be asked to do  (access) certain

modules on the AIOM CD-ROM.   Now just insert the AIOM CD-ROM disk in your computer's CD-ROM drive

and click on set-up icon.  Follow instructions and then click 'yes' to run.   Then click on

assigned module.  Enter access code received from Hawkes-Learning) web site.   Careful, difficult to

tell difference among L or I or 1 or l and between 0 and O. So try variations until correct.

Recommend after your enter your access code to then save access code to  PC Stick (a.k.a., USB

Drive or Thumb Drive or Flash Drive) Now you will not have to manually type in the access

code for the next AIOM modules assigned.  Your name should appear the same as

that registered with Hawkes-Learning  web site.    You may want to invest in a few PC sticks

(USB Flash drive or cloud account such as a 'drop box' so you can save your documents.   If you have only a

MAC/Apple computer you will have problems with installing the AIOM software.  So what  can you do?????

1.   Go to USD computer labs located in Olin 122 or Serra Hall 205 and use the AIOM

software that is already installed.  DO NOT USE/INSERT YOUR AIOM CD-ROM.  In Serra Hall lab look around and find a PC (not a MAC with the

Apple insignia on computer).  See AIOM Access Instructions on Mad-Dog's home page. (

2.   Use a friend's PC.  Your personal access code will generate the needed certificate  with your name and module.

See below (next page) information on certificate printing and certificate, completion code, output numbers.

3.   You may consider downloading software that makes your Mac work like a PC.  However, there are no

guarantees that you will be able to run AIOM. There are web sites you can go to download virtual PC

software such as:   There are software download programs

such as 'Fusion' available to purchase  (at USD Bookstore for $69.00)  to be able to run PC software on a MAC computer.

Go to USD Bookstore and ask for Tech Office to obtain web access licensing code for downloading this software.

4. You are able as a USD student to check out from Serra 205 lab a PC laptop computer.  You must return

the laptop within four (4) hours.  There are ten PC laptops  and ten Mac laptops available for First Come First Serve.

If not returned in four hours, there are hourly charges beyond the four hour time limit.

5.   Buy a new  PC computer -- you will probably work with a Microsoft PC in the business world -- well, unless you work

for Apple, Inc. Very few of the large Fortune 500 companies are set-up to work with Mac's.

Again, if you cannot set up AIOM software on your own computer just keep it simple and

just consider using a friend's or going to USD Olin 122 and/or Serra 205.  When at the USD computer labs

ask for the 'lab assistant'  if you have problems accessing AIOM software.  If no help from lab assistant, then

have lab assistant check with his or her lab supervisor.

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