Management Scientist Software:

A. Option to use Management Scientist installed in Serra 205 or Olin 122:

1. Management Scientist is installed ONLY on the Windows computers in both Olin 122 and Serra 205 computer lab. When you visit one of the computer labs, please have your student "ID" card available as you will need to present it to one of the Lab Assistants to check into the lab and to print.

2. You will be required to obtain hard copies of problem formulation and problem solution --usually two or three pages per assignment.

3. Printing output copies in the computer labs is available for a small charge (per page of output).

B. To access Management Scientist software:

      1. Click on the start menu, select All Programs

      2.  Then “The Management Scientist Folder”. 

      3.  Launch MS60.exe within that folder to launch the software. (Again, you must be on a Windows machine.)

C. Once Management Scientist Screen is Displayed:

1.    After you see the MS screen, hit Continue.

2.    Now you will see top level menu screen and then click on module you are going to work with.

3.    Click "New" within drop down menu.

4.    Enter input data and then run or solve.

D. You may save your data for subsequent adjustments and re-solving. (If so you might be asked which drive to save data. Type in "c" and Enter, followed by Y for yes.) (answers) problem - these must be handed in to your instructor as part of the homework.

1. Remember your course text book (Loose-leaf binder entitled Management Science for Business by Anderson et al.) has a few helpful hints on using the Management Scientist software in text appendices (e.g.,  App  1.1 and App 7.1)..

2. Versions of the Management Scientist may change from time to time, but your instructor has found any version will work for our purposes.

3.  If you plan on working only at home and cannot acquire the Management Scientist disk, check with your instructor.