POM/QM FOR WINDOWS             

1. You  will work with the POM for Windows package that is under the Class Software icon/listing on the screens

at the USD terminals in computer labs Olin 122 and Serra 205 -- PC's only in Serra 205).

There is also a software package labeled POM/QM V3 and for most modules either package will work.

You must go to one of the computer labs and give your  student "ID" card to one of the attendants

-- you will be required to obtain hard copies of  problem formulation and problem

solution and you may have to pay or be charged for the hard copies of

output that you will be submitting to your instructor -- usually two

or three pages per assignment.  The POM for Windows or  POM/QM V3 for Windows software

icon is a directory  under Class Software icon in Olin 122 and Serra 205 -- use PC  lab

terminals (not Mac's). You cannot access this software via Internet from an off campus facility because

this software is only available on our local area network because of licensing agreements.

2.  This software is menu driven with a 'help' option.  You will first click on Module tab.  Now you probably

see an error message screen or you could see it before clicking on Module tab.  Ignore error screen.

Click on close X.  Then you  will see a drop down Menu with various topics, e.g. Forecasting,

Line Balancing, etc.  Next, you are to click on File and then New.  Enter your data -- using 'help' when need.

(If working with POM/QM for Windows you would be best served to click on Display all Module Tabs at bottom

of Module drop down listings.)

3.  Then you will be in a position to click on the Solve button and there be other options

available to print out charts or graphs, depending on the module.

4.  If you plan on working only at home and cannot access the software check with

your instructor.