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Your very own course material! YAY! Download exciting and possibly yawn producing course material for the courses listed.  Should you have questions about the posted information, please do not hesitate to ask me WHAT THE HECK I WAS THINKIN'.
Fall 2003 Schedule – My Fall 2003 schedule at a glance:  Includes office hours, class and lab times.

EEE 130 Electronics I Fall 2003 – Electronics I  

EEE 171 Fall 2000 – Communication Principles and Circuits (aka Applied Engineering Electromagnetics)

Student Antenna Project pictures from Fall 1999!
EEE 194 RF – RF and Microwave Engineering:  Spring 2001

ELEC 412 – RF and Microwave Engineering:  Fall 2004

Photodiode Operation – Helpful mini-page on photodiode operation.

Some useful things – A few useful junk from previous courses that I've taught

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