University of San Diego
EEE 171: Communication Transmission Principles
(aka Applied Engineering Electromagnetics)
Fall 2000

Instructor:  Ernie Kim
Office:  Loma 216
Phone:  (619) 260-4609
Class times:  MWF 12:10 PM -1:05 PM Loma 318
Lab time:  Th 2:20 PM -5:15 PM Loma 207
Office hours:  MWF 8:55 AM -9:55 AM, MW 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM

Final Exam:  Friday, 15 December 2000, 10:00 - 12:00 Loma 318

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Course Documents:

EEE 171 Fall 2000 ABET Course Outline.

Abbreviated course policy

Learning objectives


Laboratory Report Guidelines

Lecture Notes
 Lecture #1 Lecture #2 Part a
Lecture #2 Part b
 Lecture #3-4  Lecture #5  Lecture Notes in no particular order at this time
 What is a Smith Chart?  Single Stub Tuner   Introduction to Antennas II

Laboratory Exercises
Lab #0:  Cap Lab
U of Deleware
Dr. Watson (really)
Lab #1:
Transmission Lines
Lab #2: Microstriplines Lab #3:
Single Stub Tuner
Lab #4: Agilent ADS Modeling of Single Stub Tuner
 Lab #5: Double Stub Tuner and Lumped Components  Lab #6 Antenna Design      

Helpful handouts as they become available
  Vector Relations More Vector Relations (post on 22 Sep) HP/Agilent Network Analyzer Basics Presentation  Smith Chart  (Adobe Acrobat) Sample Exam #1
Agilent Java Smith Chart  Animation  Agilent ADS Tutorial
Dr. C. Furse, Utah State Univ.
 Motorola Impedance Matching Program (zipped)  Cornu Spiral Example #1  Cornu Spiral Java For Straight Edge Diffraction
 Sample Exam #2  Chapter #4 Summary Tables  Chapters 4 & 5 Equation Summaries    

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