University of San Diego
EEE 194 Section 4: RF & Microwave Engineering
Spring 2001

Instructor:  Ernie Kim
Office:  Loma 216
Phone:  (619) 260-4609

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Course Documents:

EEE 194 Section 4 Spring 2001 ABET Course Outline.

Abbreviated course policy

Learning objectives

Assignments and Exam Dates/Notes

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1

(R. Ludwig)

Lecture 2

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 3

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 4

(R. Ludwig)

Lecture 5 

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 6

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 7

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 8

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 9

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 10

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 11

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 12

(R. Ludwig)

Lecture 12a 

Matching Using Z-Y Smith Chart

Lecture 13

(R. Ludwig)

  Lecture 14

(R. Ludwig)

Lecture 15

(R. Ludwig)

Lecture 16

(R. Ludwig)

Lecture 17

  Lecture 18

  Normalized Low-Pass Filter Nomographs

Example 5-3 Matlab:

Chebyshev LPF

Example 5-3 Matlab:

Butterworth  LPF

Lecture 19

 Lecture 19A

  Lecture 19B

  Lecture 20

  Lecture 21

 Lecture 22aa

 Lecture 22

 Matching Network Design w/ Q

Hybrid-p Model

Miller's Theorem

BJT Small-Signal High-Frequency Analysis

FET Small-Signal High-Frequency Analysis

   Lecture 23

 Lecture 24

  Lecture 25

 Diode Mixer



Laboratory Exercises

Lab #1

Lab #2

Lab #3

Lab #4

Lab #5

Lab #6

Lab #7

 MRF581 - RF BJT Data Sheet

 Rogers Duroid Data Sheet











Helpful handouts as they become available

Waves and Impedances on Transmission Lines

Microstrip Transmission Lines

  Assignment #1 Hints

  Standard - Z Smith Chart

Impedance Matching (.doc)

  Z-Y Smith Chart

John Wetherell's

Fantastic jw Matcher

Steve Long's Designing RF Inductors

p Attenuator

Attenuator Handout

  Minimum Loss Attenuator Program

  S-Parameter Handout 1

  S-Parameter Handout 2

  S-Parameter Handout 3

  Microwave Filters

 Christian Bourde, Jeff Fuller, and Steve Long's RF Prototyping Techniques

Problem 5.8 Example:  Normalized Response

 ADS Toturial:  Stability

 Motoroal Low Noise Amp App Note

 RF Amplifier Design  Handout

 RFSim99.exe RF simulation program

HyDesign Ltd.

 Download Sonnet Lite - HF EM Software

 Class C Amp Simulation Example

 3rd Order Discrete HPF Chebyshev

RF in a Nutshell

RF in a Nutshell 1

AM Radio Ckt

Michael Ellis Mixer Tutorial

ARRL Article on Circles on Smith Chart

Berner Circuit Design w/ Smith Chart

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