Dr. Jeremy Kua
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office: SCST 381
Phone: (619) 260-7970
e-mail Address:

Academic Background
B.A., Reed College
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology

Where to find me: Summer 2018. Best way to reach me is via e-mail.
My weekly timetable for Fall 2018 will be up the first week of Sept.

Courses Taught in Fall 2018
CHEM151H   General Chemistry I (Honors): Course web pages will be available in late August.
CHEM311    Physical Chemistry I (Quantum): Course web pages will be available in late August.

Sample Course Web Pages from Previous Years

Research Interests: Computational Chemistry
Main interest: Self-assembly and Self-organizing systems, Origin of Life Chemistry
Other interests:
   Organometallic catalysis; methane activation.
   Reactions of small molecules on metal surfaces; heterogeneous catalysis; fuel cells.
   Enzyme catalysis; ligand-receptor interactions in proteins.

What is computational chemistry? Look at some of the Introduction links in my Resources for Computational Chemistry page.

What is self-assembly? Here's what Wikipedia says. See some nice pictures and descriptions of self-assembly in the kitchen and more.

Current/potential projects for 2018-19
Interested in working on a research project in computational chemistry? Come by my office and talk to me. [Potential credit for Chem 496 during the semester; funding available during the summer.]

The overarching interest of the Kua research group is the construction of Free Energy Maps for prebiotic chemistry.
In particular, we are:
1. Generating baseline maps for the co-oligomerization of aldehydes, amines, HCN and H2S.
2. Studying how environmental changes (pH, concentration, ions, temperature) away from standard conditions perturb the free energies.
3. Developing a Group Addivity scheme for free energies of polar organics in aqueous solution.

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External Research funding:
Camille & Henry Dreyfus Faculty Start-up Award (2004-2010)
Research Corporation CCSA (2005-2007)
ACS-Petroleum Research Fund (2007-2010)
Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (2011-2017)


Computational Research Experience (i.e., projects I've worked on throughout my career)

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Snail Mail Address
Dr. Jeremy Kua
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

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