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Fact Sheet on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Fact Sheet on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States


Summer 2011 Courses

PS 494: African Politics and Film
PS 494: South Africa Study Abroad Course

Fall 2011 Courses

PS 350: Comparative Politics


PS 100: Introduction to Political Science
PS 360: Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
PS 550: Comparative Politics (graduate class)
PS 494: Race, Ethnicity, and Nation in Comparative Perspective
PS 594: Comparative Politics (graduate class)
PS 494: Politics in South Africa
Washington Center Internship
Honors 333: Religious and Political Identities in the Global Community

What to do after you graduate?

Cross Cultural Solutions
Peace Corps
Teach for America

Class Photos

Politics in sub-Saharan Africa (Spring 2005)
Introduction to Political Science (section 1) (Spring 2005)
Introduction to Political Science (section 2) (Spring 2005)
Politics in sub-Saharan Africa (Spring 2004)
Race, Ethnicity, and Nation in Comparative Perspective (Spring 2004)
Washington Center Seminar (2003)

Washington, DC Internship and Seminar Information - Fall, Spring, Summer, and Intersession Terms

Washington Center Internship Information
Fall 2009 Syllabus
Other Internship Programs

Fund for American Studies (USD is not affiliated with this program)
American University's Washington Semester Program (USD is not affiliated with this program)

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New York Review of Books
The Atlantic Monthly
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