Ronald S. Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Director - Marine Science Graduate Program

     Office:     Shiley Center for Science and Technology

                    Room 274
     Phone:     (619) 260-5904
     FAX:       (619) 260-6874
     E-mail:     kaufmann <at> sandiego <dot> edu


Spring 2017

By appointment


Standing on Pack Ice in Weddell Sea, Antarctica
          Photo by Kim Reisenbichler (MBARI)

Class Information
    BIOL 190 -  Introduction to Genetics, Ecology and Evolution  (Fall 2012)
    BIOL 451W Lab - Biological Oceanography Lab  (Fall 2007)

    ENVI 300 - Environmental Issues  (Fall 2012)
    ENVI 495/MARS 495 - Senior Seminar  (Spring 2013)

    ENVI 498/MARS 498 - Internship  (Fall 2008)

    MARS 294 - Introduction to Marine Biology  (Spring 2013)
    MARS 500 - Core Seminar I  (Fall 2012)

    MARS 501 - Core Seminar II  (Spring 2013)



    Mission Bay

    Deep Sea - Not Current


Extracurricular Activities

    Conservation Organizations

        Fundación EcoMinga

        Orchid Conservation Alliance

        SDCOS Conservation Committee


    Just Published: Orchids of Tropical America



        Schola Pacifica







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