Kelli S. Khuong
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, USD

Rice Canyon, Santa Monica
Office: Center for Science and Technology, Room 440
Telephone:  (619) 260-7971
Fax:  (619) 260-2211

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Professor Khuong joined the department in August 2005. She's taught courses in organic and physical organic chemistry.  Her first chemistry love was orbital symmetry, and she has spent most of her career using computational chemistry to study reactions on the fuzzy boundary between concerted-pericyclic and stepwise-diradical.

When not in the classroom or sitting behind a computer, Professor Khuong can be found on her bike, finding new hiking trails in the L.A. and San Diego Areas with the other Professor Khuong, and at the site shown below.  Do you know where the San Diego shoe tree is?