"The hotel" is a global simulation with a specific objective, or functional simulation, and adapts very well to the curriculum of French for business or French for Tourism courses. It was adapted from Alain Pacthod text (L'Hôtel, Hachette 1996) to the use of the internet and the web by  michèle magnin.

It is also a simulation that allows the participation of a multitude of "players" divided into two teams:  employees and customers. 

Site miroir en français

Third, create situations where hotel residents come into contact or interact with the employees.

In this type of role playing...
start from an  incident and
  • Encourage the participants to describe the circumstances of the encounters 
  • Write dialogues
  • Play out the dialogues in front of the class
  • Make sure you use the hotel setting, floor plan, and decorative scheme
  • Each student will write a journal, using his or her chosen identity.  Students should be encouraged to change completely, and should especially avoid to reproduce exactly their real identity when they are not employees (an American student of French visiting France for instance), otherwise, the hotel quickly turns into a dorm!

    After visiting the hotel websites at the top of this page, compare the type of information given by each site (photos of the outside and inside of the hotel, price lists, activities offered in the area, local weather forecast, links to local newspapers, map of the area...) and create your own hotel web site, complete with links to desirable resources of your choice.
    Send your ideas or feedback [mmagnin@acusd.edu]

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