"Extinct is Forever."

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California Wolf Center
Julian Center for Science and Education
Julian, California

The California Wolf Center (formerly the Julian Wolf Preserve) is the primary conservation project of the Julian Center for Science and Education, a California non-profit organization.  Founded in 1977, our wolf conservation center is located 50 miles east of San Diego, just south of Julian, California in the Cuyamaca Mountains.

Our mission is to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of all wildlife by foocusing on the gray wolf (Canis lupus) through educational programs and the exhibition and study of captive wolves.  Our facilities include several wolf enclosures, a conference center, and a library.

The Center is home to a pack of Alaskan Gray Wolves exhibited for educational purposes.  Our Alaskan wolves, all born at the Center, serve as ambassadors of all wolves now living in, or being reintroduced into natural habitats.  The opportunity to visit the Center and observe our wolves living in  packs forms a bridge of concern for those living in the wild.

The California Wolf Center is a participant in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for the Mexican Gray Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi), and our Southwest Wolf Project host several members of this highly endangered species.  Once found in northern Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, and west Texas, these animals became extinct in the wild.  The few remaining Mexican wolves were successfully bred at SSP institutions in sifficient numbers to make reintroduction of some into their historic range possible in 1998.  The Mexican wolves at the Center are not on exhibit, but visitors might be able to spot one in their highly naturalistic enclosures.

The role of predators and of all wildlife should be understood within the context of their ecosystem.  To satisfy this need, the Julian Center also serves as a Regional Biological Field Station.  We offer students, teachers, scientists, and other interested persons the opportunity to study and to improve their understanding of local mountain and desert ecosystems and geology.  We are able to offer  grants to undergraduate college students for research studies conducted at the Center.

Information about visiting the Center, and about our educational, volunteer, and  membership programs can be obtained by calling 619/234-WOLF, by writing to us at P.O. Box 1389, Julian, CA, 92036 or by e-mail at info@thecaliforniawolfcenter.net.


Two members of our Alaskan pack.
                                       P. Kenis

One of our Mexican wolves.
                                                              P.  Kenis

                              P. Kenis