Bio 102 Field Trip Images

                                        Rocky Shore Intertidal Community
                                        (Photos by Peter Sripinyo, Kevin Kazules, and Paul Kemp)

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                                                        Rocky Shore Intertidal Community

                                                            Splash Zone

           Buckshot [Acorn] Barnacles - with Periwinkles & Limpets (Left)  /  Checkered Periwinkles (Right)
              [These are all very small; < 1/4 inch!]

                                                    Upper Intertidal Zone

                                                        Giant Green Anemone [=Cnidaria]

      Black Turbin Snails (Left) / Blue-claw Hermit Crab in empty shell of Black Turbin Snail [~1/2 inch] (Right)

                      Thatched Barnacles [=Crustacean] (Left)  /  Troglodite Chiton [=Mollusc] & Sea Lettuce Algae (Right)

                                 Coralline Algae [=Red Algae] (Left)  /  Two kinds of Coralline Algae (Right)

                        Spongeweed with closeup (also called dead-man's fingers) [=Green Algae]

                            California Cling Fish (camouflaged) [=Vertebrate] /  Striped Shore Crab [=crustacean]

                                                    Mid Intertidal Zone

                                            Sargassum [=Brown Algae] (with closeup)

      2 species of Rockweed  [=Brown Algae] (left is Pelvetia, right is Fucus - both form large kelp beds)

                                           California Sea Hare ejecting ink! [=Mollusc

                                                            Brittle Stars [=Echinoderms]

      Leaf Barnacle [=Crustacean; called Goose barnacle too] (Left)  /  California Mussel [=Mollusc] (Right)

                                                Lower Intertidal Zone

                                Surfgrass [=Angiosperm] with Sargassum and Coralline Algae

                                            Purple Sea Urchin with closeup [=Echinoderm] (short, blunt spines)

                                                        Red Sea Urchin [=Echinoderm] (longer, sharper spines)

            Rainbow Seastar with underside showing tubefeet (tiny "suction cups") [=Echinoderm]

                                                Knobby Seastar & Ochre Seastar (Radial symmetry with five arms)

                     Warty Sea Cucumber [=Echinoderm] (left) / Giant Keyhole Limpet [=Mollusc]

                                            Conspicuous Chitons with closeup [=Mollusc]

                          Wavytop Snails [=Mollusc] (Left) / CA Spiny Lobster [=Crustacean] (Right)

                                                       Look! - a baby Two-spotted Octopus [=Mollusc]

                          Southern Kelp Crab [body ~5 inches] (Left)  /  Masking Crab or "Decorator" Crab (Right)
                          The big and small of the crabs [=Crustaceans]

                        Wooly Sculpin [=Fish] (Left)  /  Scorpion Fish [has poisonous spines] (Right)
                                [Fish are found throughout the intertidal zone and into the Sublittoral Zone, as well]

            Sub-Littoral Zone (generally below the lower intertidal zone)
                             Giant Bladder Kelp with closeup of blade and bladder [=Brown Algae]
                                        (I'm holding mostly the holdfast which was torn loose in a storm)

                                     Feather Boa Kelp with closeup of holdfast [=Brown Algae]

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