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We are a single-molecule biophysics and soft matter group in the Physics Department at the University of San Diego. We use single-molecule biophysical techniques to investigate biopolymer dynamics and interactions.

Our main focus currently is on using epi-fluorescence microscopy and optical tweezers to directly probe complex systems of biopolymers such as DNA and actin at the single-molecule level. These techniques allow us to directly measure intermolecular forces with piconewton precision and image and track single-molecule dynamics with nanometer and millisecond precision. Our research aims to elucidate the molecular dynamics and interactions underlying the fascinating and perplexing macroscopic properties (such as viscoelasticity) of complex polymer fluids and materials.

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About Our Location

USD is a predominantly undergraduate liberal arts institution located on a mesa overlooking beautiful sunny San Diego. Can't beat that!

All of the science departments are housed together in the state-of-the-art Shiley Center for Science and Technology, which facilitates collaboration and interdisciplinary research - great for our research, which is very interdisciplinary!!

Message from the PI: "I strongly believe in the importance of undergraduate research, so I encourage undergraduates interested in research to start early and continue throughout their undergraduate career! I also believe interdisciplinary research is crucial for scientific advancement, so students from all STEM disciplines are welcome and encouraged to pursue research with us."

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