This webpage is focused on students - it aims to provide some insight into my current activities in the field of supply chain management.  My faculty website can be found by clicking here.

Supply chain management is increasingly recognized as a vital area of organizational and economic activity. No organization exists in isolation and so understanding the interdependencies between members of supply chains and the phenomena that affect the way supply chains perform is a key requirement for effective management.

In the last five years I have been struck by the enormous increase in interest for supply chain management by a very diverse range of organizations including healthcare, banks, the military, oil exploration, auto manufacturers, food corporations, not-for-profit bodies, universities, governments and leisure businesses. Whilst this seems like a very diverse group of industries with little in common, I have found that they all share many common aims and challenges in their strategic management including: ~

  • process improvement in every aspect of their operation
  • investment in strategic innovation in products, services, processes and organization
  • the challenge of managing collaborative projects
  • effective systems integration from sales and marketing right through to product and service design
  • concern for ecological, environmental and socially responsible supply chain practices
  • and probably paramount at the moment, a critical shortage of educated and experienced professionals in the field of supply chain management.

These concerns and initiatives are changing the way we view supply chain management and are reflected in the conference, publications, courses and consulting activities with which I am now engaged.

Two key areas of my activity in recent years have been in the development of a 'World Class Journey' for organizations striving to achieve significant levels of improvement in their operations, supply chains and, of most importance, their strategic performance in their markets. This work has been building on ten years study of the key points of stress in organizational improvement and draws on a massive database of over 2000 participating organizational operations.

My second area of expertise is more recent - sustainable and socially responsible supply chain management. Working with our team of researchers we are pushing the bounds of understanding of effective CSR and the ways in which supply chains can be a force for good in the sense of the triple bottom line.




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