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1986-1993. Assistant Professor, University of San Diego
1993-2000. Associate Professor, University of San Diego
2000-Present. Professor, University of San Diego. Director: Branchiopod Research Group

I teach Population Biology, Conservation Biology, Desert Biology, and a course for incoming biology majors in Genetics, Ecology and Evolution.

Research Interests

Community structure, life history strategies and population structure of vernal pool fauna with an emphasis on conservation and management considerations. The use of biochemical and molecular genetic techniques for the investigation of the ecological and evolutionary consequences of diapause, hybrid zone dynamics, the role of hybridization in the process of speciation and the role of sexual system in speciation. Post fire community succession.

Reviewer for Journals

Journal of Custacean Biology
Applied Ecology
Aquatic Biology
California Fish and Game
Proceedings of the Wildlife Society
Journal of Applied Ecology
Invertebrate Biology
Northeastern Naturalist

Expert Reviewer and Consultant

US Fish and Wildlife Service
San Diego Association of Governments