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1989-1992. Fellow, San Diego County Museum of Natural History.
1992-present. Research Associate, San Diego County Museum of Natural History.
1992-1994. City of San Diego Appointment, Mayor's Wetlands Advisory Board.
1994-present. City of San Diego Vernal Pool Management Committee.
1995-present. Invited Member - Species Survival Commission. IUCN The World
Conservation Union. Inland Water Crustacea Specialist Group.
1996-present. Member USFWS Vernal Pool Multi-Species Recovery Team.
2004-present. Adjunct Professor. San Diego State University.

Awards and Grants

1976-1978. US Forest Service Grant.
1980. Sigma Xi Society, Grant-in-aid of Research.   
1980-1982. Intercampus Transportation Awards.
1981. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund, Grant-in-aid of Research.
1981. National Science Foundation Doctoral Improvement Award.
1981-1982. The University of California Graduate Council Fellowship.
1982. Chancellor's Patent Fund Award, U.C. Riverside.
1983. I.M. Newell Graduate Research Award, U.C. Riverside.
1987-1996. Faculty Research Grants, University of San Diego.
1988. San Diego Fish and Wildlife Commission Grant.
1989,1991,1993. Catherine Ordway Stewardship Award. The Nature Conservancy.
1990. California Department of Parks and Recreation Grant.
1990. San Gorgonio Ventures Grant.
1991. LSA Grant.
1991-1992. Pacific Gas and Electric Grant/Bechtel.
1992. Tetra Tech/Edwards Air Force Base.
1993-1994. DOD. Southwestern Division (NAS Miramar).
1994. PSW Contract Grant.
1995. Tetra Tech/ Pendleton Marine Base.
1996. The Nature Conservancy.
1996. RBF/DOD Pendleton Marine Base.
1997. KEA Environmental for DOD SW Division/Miramar.
1998-1999. Thomas Olsen Associates.
1998. University of San Diego University Professorship.
1999-2003. Environmental Protection Agency.
1999-2005. Department of Defense SW Division/MCAS Miramar.
2000-2002. Department of Defense, 29 Palms.
2001-2002. Grants from AMEC, Eco Ventures, Cal Trans.
2001-2002. California State Parks.
2003. Northrop Grummen Litton Fdn.
2002-2006. BRG/San Diego School District.
2002-2003. San Diego State University/City of San Diego.
2003-2005. Eco Ventures.
2006. DOD (USMC Camp Pendleton)/EDAW.
2006-2007. David Wolf Environmental.
2007-2010. EDAW/SDSU Camp Pendleton.
2007-2010. BRG/San Diego School District.
2008-2010. US Fish and Wildlife Service, Section 6 Grant.
2009-2010. DOD-Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms.
2009-2010. The Chaparral Lands Conservancy.
2010-2011. AECOM/USMC Camp Pendleton/SDSU.
2010-2012. DOD USMC Camp Pendleton/AECOM.
2011. The Lilburn Corp.