Amanda Ruiz

About Amanda

Amanda Ruiz is an assistant professor of mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of San Diego. She is joined the University of San Diego from Harvey Mudd College where she was a teaching and research postdoctoral fellow in the Mathematics Department. She received her PhD in mathematics from Binghamton University under the advisement of Laura Anderson. While at Binghamton University, she started the Graduate Women's Organization to help women support each other in the academic environment. She also served as president of the Binghamton University Parent's Collective, an organization aimed at creating a community of graduate students who are juggling school and children. Ruiz received a Masters degree in Mathematics from San Francisco State University, where she started the student group Mathematistas, which created a network of female graduate students in mathematics.

Amanda enjoys doing research in combinatorics. Previous research has been in enumerative combinatorics and matroid theory. She especially enjoys doing research with undergraduate students.

She is committed to making mathematics more accessible for women and students of color and considers service in this area an integral part of her job as an educator and academic.

When she is not doing mathematics or teaching, Amanda enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her daughter and husband.

Amanda's Erdös-Bacon number is 6 (=3+ 3).

PhD, Mathematics, Binghamton University, 2013
MA, Mathematics, San Francisco State University, 2009
BA, Interdisciplinary Studies Field, University of California, Berkeley, 2000