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Find out about research in the Provost lab, find links and information on cell motility, ion transport, cancer cell invasion & metastasis, vaccine development and protein-protein interactions. Working in the lab means you will be exposed to working with DNA, RNA, Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, e.coli and mammalian cells.

Our long time important and continuing collaboration with the research laboratory of Dr. Mark Wallert at Bemidji State University (BSU - go beavers), is an exciting opportunity for students from both groups to expand their experiences and coordinate cutting edge research projects.

See links below for information and videos on our research, protocols for research, how to use equipment and techniques. I make this website publically availible. If you find it interesting or helpful please let me know. If you have suggestions, edits or things you think can be added, let me know too. As a protocol hoarder I like to add to the electronic version of a science junk drawer filled with cool and useful "things".

NHE Reviews, papers and interesting links

NHE1 Review: Inside out: Targeting NHE1...

CHP2 Review

CHP2 and Serum Deprivation (Pang...)

Structure of CHP1 & NHE

Structure of CHP2 & NHE

Palmitoylation Review



Confocal Microscopy Image of the Expression of human NHE1 in CCL39 derived PS120 cells. In the resting state NHE1 is located thorughout the membrane, but in migrating cells is concentrated to the cell's leading edge


General Background & Interest   Protein Gel & Western Protocols
Research Lab Notebook Requirement/Guide   ELISA Assay Protocol
5 Step Method to Read and Present Figs   Next Gel Protein Gel Protocol
How to Write a Scientific Paper   Stripping and Reprobing Protocol
How to write a Scientific Paper as a PUI    
How to Read a Science Paper (Simple)    
How to Read a Science Paper (Rice U)   Lab Math / NIH Lab Math Video
Common Student Writing Errors   Lab Math Practice Set
How to Write and Abstract   Proper Pipetting Technique
How to Prepare a Poster   Pippetting Handout
Lab Archives   Molec Biology Training Assignment
Protein & Purification Protocols   DNA and RNA Protocols
Expression & Purification Quick Guide   Plasmid Purification Workflow
Small Scale Screening- Gen Protocol   Bacteria Culture Background
Bacterial Culture - for Protein Expression & Purification   Alkaline Lysis Plasmid Prep Protocol
Bacteria Cell Lysis for Protein Purification   DNA Gel Short Protocol
His-Tag Recombinant Protein Ni-Bead Purification   DNA Gel Background & Handout

NTA Nickel Bead Regeneration

  Bacteria Transformation
GST Tag Purification Protocol   Plasmid Purification Background
Glutathione Bead Cleaning   Bacterial Glycerol Stock Protocol
Fast Protein Thermal Melt   DNA Mini Prep Spin Protocol
Protein Dialysis   Bacteria Glycerol Stock Protocol
  DNA Precipitation
Novagen pET Manual 11th Ed   Innoculation for difficult culture
Qiagen His tag expression/purif book   Endotoxin Assay Protocol
GE GST & His tag handbook   Fast DNA Boron Gel Electrophoresis
BD Biosciences Expression Purification   DMAE Plasmid Prep Protocol
Making the most of affinity tags   QIAGEN Miniprep spin Handbook
Use of glucose to control expression   1 KB Ladder
Expression Troubleshooting    
Practical Protocols for High Yields   M-Bio Video Tutorials and Links
Expression advances and challenges   Agarose Gels Tutorial / Streaking Agar Plates Tutorial
Making the most of affinity tags   Streaking for Single Colonies
    Pouring LB Plates
Cell Based Assays & Protocols   DNA Quantitation
Stress Fiber Protocol   Inoculating a Liquid Bac Culture
Soft Agar Assay Protocol   Transformation Tutorial
XTT Protocol   AddGene Transformaton Tutorial
MTT Protocol   Creating Glycerol Stocks Video / Protocol
Sigma MTT Product Sheet & Assay   Diagnostic Restriction Digest
Hemocytometer Counting Protocol   Restriction Digest of Plasmid DNA
RIPA Buffer Lysis Protocol   NEB Restriction Digest Videos
Immunofluoresence Stain Protocol   DNA Ligation
LPA Preparation   Gel DNA Purification
Phospho Prot Cell Scrape Protocol   Sequencing Introduction
- Deep tutorial on Fluoresence Theory   Simple Cloning Overview
    NEB Cloning Method Videos
    Traditional Cloning Quick Guide
Assay Protocols   Mammalian Culture & Protocols
Bradford 1 ml Protein Assay Protocol   Cell Culture Background
Bradford 96 Well Plate Protein Assay Protocol   DMEM Medium Instructions
Enzyme Assay Background / Enzyme Assay Hints   RPMI Medium Instructions
Kinetics Deeper Introduction   Stable Cell Line Protocol
MDH Enzyme Assay (1ml)   Single Cell Colony Isolation Protocol
  Cell Freezing Protocol
MMP9 Assay Optimization Info    
MMP9 Zymogen Assay Protocol   General Instruction Videos
AST MDH NDPK other Enzyme Assays   MDH-CS Interaction Tutorial
PEPCK Enzyme Assay Protocol   Protien Purification pt 1 (Bacterial Strains and Plasmid DNA)
GST Enzyme Assay Protocol   Protein Purification pt 2 (Culture, Expression and Lysis)
Phosphate Assay (M Green) Protocol   Protein Purification pt 3 (HIs-Tag Recomb Protein Purification)
Phosphate Assay (MoO3) Protocol   Affinity Chromatography Basics
    Amino Acid SIde Chain Tutorial
NHE Assays, Techniques & Protocols   Intro to Enzyme Activity Tutorial
PSN KRA E266I Culture and Maint   Steady state and MM Equation Tutorial
Li Suicide Cell Selection   Enzyme Cooperativity Tutorial
    Enzyme Allosteric Regulation Tutorial
    Protein Covalent Modification to Enzymes Tutorial
MDH CS Papers    
Morgonov & Shere '98  
Shatalin et all '99  
Elcock and McCammon '96  
Elcock et al '97    
Kispal et al '89    
Kispal et al '88  


Lindbladh et al '94    
Lindbladh et al '94  
Pettersson et al '00   Changing CO2 Tanks pt I & pt II
Wells et al '15  

Gibco Cell Culture Training

Merz et al ' 87   Liquid Mammalian Media Prep
Fahien et al '93   Mamalian Media from Powder
CD Info, Traning and Protocols   CRISPR INFO 
CD Theory and Application Tutorial   ADDGENE CRISPER INTRO (Good background)
Jasco Training CD Videos   Origene - Intro to CRIPR Video
Univ Ill CD Core web   Origene - CRISPR Knockout Video
Jasco Tips/Simple Hints   Origene Knockout Video 2
    Origine TrueORF Intro
     MDH CLONE / KO KIT /QC /FAQ /   Manual / Validation
Paper on Protein CD    

Pymol Training Videos & Resources


Navigate PYMOL and make a movie

Morph structures, change ligand pos & adv movie

Align structure APBS calcs and ligand effect 

ID & mutate residues and measure impact


Molecular Memories - watch entire youtube playlist



General Overview  Getting Started

Ligand,Analyte and Regeneration

Getting Started with Open SPR

Non-Specific Binding

Open SPR Training

Optimizing Binding Kinetics

Sample and Sensor


cell   bench background