Below is a list of courses that I have taught at the University of San Diego. If you are an instructor looking for course materials in any of these courses, please feel free to contact me.

Current (Fall 2019):

  • Computational Problem Solving (COMP 110)
  • Intro to Computer Systems (COMP 280)


  • Computational Problem Solving (COMP 110): Fa18
  • Computer Programming I (COMP 150): Fa12, Sp13, Fa13, Sp14, Fa14, Fa15, Sp17, Sp18
  • Senior Project (COMP 495): Sp17, Sp18
  • Intro to Computer Systems (COMP 280) - Fa14, Fa15, Fa16, Fa17
  • Principles of Digital Hardware (COMP 300): Sp12, Sp15, Sp17, Fa18
  • Operating Systems (COMP 310): Fa13, Sp16
  • Principles of Programming Languages (COMP 360): Sp14, Sp16
  • Networking (COMP 375): Sp15, Fa16, Sp18, Sp19
  • Engineering Programming (ENGR 121): Fa12
  • App Programming (COMP 160): Fa12