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timWelcome to the Clark Research Group page. Professor Clark started at the University of San Diego during the summer of 2011 after four years as a faculty member at Western Washington University. The Clark Research Group focuses on metal-catalyzed organic reactions, which is loosely classified as Organometallic chemistry. For more information on the research projects, please visit the “Research” link for a description.

My research program centers on involving undergraduate students into current topics in organic and organometallic chemistry, giving students the opportunity to solve challenging research problems through current techniques in organic and inorganic chemistry. Through this research experience, students become proficient experimental chemists and are ideally prepared for a career in chemistry or to enter graduate school.

If you are interested in learning more about the Clark Research Group, or would like to join the group, please contact Professor Clark by email. You can also contact current students and ask them about their experience doing undergraduate research. Visit the “Clark Group” tab to get contact information from current group members.

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Congratulations to Kristina Crawford and Tim Ramseyer for their recent publication in Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2014, 53, 7589-7593).

Congratuations to Dr. Andy Roering, past post-doc in the Clark Group (2011-2013) who has started a tenure-track faculty position at SUNY Cortland.
Congratulations to Wendy Guan, Alicia Michael, Liza Koren-Selfridge, Melissa McIntosh, and John Scott for their recent publication in the Journal of Organic Chemistry (2014, 79, 7199-7204).

Congratulations to Dr. Clark who was promoted to Associate Professor starting Fall 2014.
Several students were awarded summer research fellowships for the summer of 2014: Carl Ferber (Hayes Fellowship), Nick Huynh and Alexa McGee (USD Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Fellowship), and Shawn Wright (Pre-Undergraduate Research Experience Fellowship).
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