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Other worm (C. elegans) papers

Pristionchus and comparative nematode papers

Biopterin (BH4) papers

C. elegans-related Nobel Prizes:

Shimomura, Chalfie & Tsien, 2008 Nobel in Chemistry for GFP
Another worm-related Prize -- way to go, Marty!

Fire and Mello win 2006 Nobel Prize - Worms Rule!

Brenner, Sulston & Horvitz received the Physiology or Medicine Nobel in 2002
Sadly, both Sydney Brenner and John Sulston have died recently - SB (1927-2019), JS (1942-2018)

Various Useful Links:
USD Department of Biology
University of San Diego
National Science Foundation
National Institutes of Health

Links related to my research:
Caenorhabditis Genetics Center
Caenorhabditis Genomics
(Sanger Institute, UK)
C. elegans meetings (GSA)
Textpresso - C. elegans literature retrieval
WORFDB - Worm ORFeome database
C. elegans
behavioral database
National Bioresource Project (Japanese C. elegans knockout project)
NCBI Global Cross-database Search
tacg v4.3
at U Mass Med School
tacg User Guide at sourceforge
Lab supplies & equipment vendors
ExPASy Bioinformatics Resource Portal
ExPASy links (former Amos' WWW links)
tacg v4.1 (Netherlands)
at UC Irvine
at Univ of Victoria, BC
Art's Biotech Resource
Journal Links

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