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Last updated: 13 February 2023

C. elegans and nematode papers

Antibody staining for nematodes with heat-induced antigen retrieval (HIAR) (Loer, 2022) - book chapter (pp 133-140) in C. elegans: Methods & Applications, editors Haspel G, Hart A, Methods in Molecular Biology v. 2468, Springer.

The evidence for classical neurotransmitters in C. elegans neurons (major update to online review/database in WormAtlas; first version appeared in 2010, updated 2016). Loer & Rand (2022).
[Note that we have a local version that is the most up-to-date.]

Also updated: Criteria for assigning a neurotransmitter function in C. elegans (Loer, 2022)

An antibody staining protocol variation for nematodes that adds heat-induced antigen retrieval (HIAR). Loer, Witte, Sommer & Hobert (2019). microPublication Biology 10.17912/micropub.biology.000135.

The evidence for classical neurotransmitters in C. elegans neurons (updated online review/database in WormAtlas 2.0; original in 2010, superceded by 2022 update; see above). Loer & Rand (2016).

Cuticle integrity and biogenic amine synthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans require the cofactor tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4). Loer, Calvo, Watschinger, Werner-Felmayer, O-Rourke, Stroud, Tong, Gotenstein, Chisholm, Werner, Hodgkin & Martinez (2015) Genetics 200: 237-253.

Patterning of sexually dimorphic neurogenesis in the Caenorhabditis elegans ventral cord by Hox and TALE homeodomain transcription factors. Kalis, Kissiov, Kolenbrander, Palchick, Raghavan, Tetreault, Williams, Loer & Ross (2014). Developmental Dynamics 243: 159-171. Pubmed

Developmental variations among Panagrolaimid nematodes indicate developmental system drift within a small taxonomic unit. Schiffer, Nsah, Grotehusmann, Kroiher, Loer & Schierenberg E (2014) Development, Genes & Evolution 224: 183-188. Pubmed

Melanisation of Teladorsagia circumcincta larvae exposed to sunlight: A role for GTP-cyclohydrolase in nematode survival. Baker, Britton, Roberts, Loer, Matthews, Nisbet (2012). International Journal of Parasitolology 42: 887-891. Pubmed

Neurotransmitters in C. elegans (original superceded by 2022 update; see above), and Criteria for assigning a neurotransmitter function in C. elegans (online review in WormAtlas 2.0). Loer (2010)

A comparison of experience-dependent locomotory behaviors and biogenic amine neurons in nematode relatives of Caenorhabditis elegans Rivard, Srinivasan, Stone, Ochoa, Sternberg, Loer (2010). BMC Neuroscience 11: 22.

Anabolic function of phenylalanine hydroxylase in Caenorhabditis elegans. Calvo, Pey, Ying, Loer & Martinez (2008) FASEB Journal 22: 3046-3058. Pubmed

Evolution of neuronal patterning in free-living rhabditid nematodes I: Sex-specific serotonin-containing neurons. Loer & Rivard (2007), Journal of Comparative Neurology 502:736-767 Pubmed

Function and evolution of the serotonin-synthetic bas-1 gene and other aromatic amino acid decarboxylase genes in Caenorhabditis. Hare & Loer (2004) BMC Evolutionary Biology 4: 24.

Feeding and metabolic signalling defects in a Caenorhabditis elegans serotonin-synthesis mutant. Sze, Victor, Loer, Yang & Ruvkun (2000), Nature 403: 560-564. Pubmed

A phenylalanine hydroxylase gene from the nematode C. elegans is expressed in the hypodermis. Loer, Davidson & McKerrow (1999), J. Neurogenetics 13: 157-180. Web version (old); Pubmed

Serotonin-deficient mutants and male mating behavior in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans Loer and Kenyon (1993), J. Neuroscience 13: 5407-5417. Web version (old); PDF

Multiple HOM-C gene interactions specify cell fates in the nematode central nervous system. Salser, Loer, and Kenyon (1993), Genes & Development 7: 1714-1724. PDF

Selected worm abstracts
Note: Only Society for Neurosciences Annual Meeting abstracts are considered to be published, "citable" abstracts. All others meeting abstracts and Worm Breeder's Gazette articles are considered "personal communications" and information contained therein should not be cited without permission of the author(s).

Experience-modulated locomotion mediated by serotonin in various free-living nematodes. 2005 International C. elegans meeting abstract 459
Evolution of reproductive behavior and patterning of serotonergic neurons in free-living nematode relatives of C. elegans. 2005 International C. elegans meeting abstract 496
Egg laying behavior in C. elegans social vs. solitary strains. 2005 International C. elegans meeting abstract 497
Evolution of neurotransmitter synthetic enzyme genes and the patterning of serotonergic neurons in Caenorhabditis and other nematodes. 2004 WCWM abstract; 2004 Neurosciences meeting abstract
Characterization of genes used by serotonergic neurons in the nematode C. elegans. C. M. Loer, S. DePaul & E. Hare. 2002 Neurosciences meeting abstract
The cat-4/GTP cyclohydrolase I /F32G8.6 gene of C. elegans. 2002 WCWM abstract 231
The serotonin-synthetic AAADC bas-1 gene is C05D2.4, Hare & Loer - Worm Breeder's Gazette v. 17.1, p.60
Characterization of Serotonin-Synthetic Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase Gene in the Nematode C. elegans - 2000 Neurosciences meeting abstract
Characterization of the C. elegans Serotonin-Synthetic Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase Gene bas-1 - 2000 WCWM abstract 147
Serotonergic marker genes: dopa decarboxylase genes rescue bas-1 mutants and a GTP cyclohydrolase I gene will more-than-likely rescue cat-4 mutants - 1998 WCWM abstract 161
Regulation and expression of the cysteine protease gene gcp-1 - Worm Breeder's Gazette v. 14.3, p.19
Biogenic amine synthesis (bas) genes of the nematode C. elegans - 1997 Neurosciences meeting abstract
Does the serotonin- and dopamine-deficient mutant cat-4 also have a leaky cuticle? - 1995 International C. elegans meeting
Characterization of serotonin-deficient mutants in the nematode C. elegans - 1995 Neurosciences meeting abstract
A putative serotonin-synthetic aromatic amino acid hydroxylase from the nematode C. elegans - 1994 Neurosciences meeting abstract
Erratum for the embryonic cell lineage. Loer, Waring, Kenyon & Sulston, 1988 - Worm Breeder's Gazette v. 10.3, p.120-121. Okay, so I had to add this one since John Sulston won the Nobel Prize in 2002. My brush with the great.

Older papers (leech and grasshopper - developmental neurobiology and neurophysiology)

Mesenchyme of embryonic reproductive ducts directs process outgrowth of Retzius neurons in the medicinal leech. French, Jordan, Loer & Kristan (1992) Developmental Biology 153: 122-140. Pubmed

Segmental specialization of neuronal connectivity in the leech. Wittenberg, Loer, Adamo & Kristan (1990) J. Comparative Physiology A. 167: 453-459. Pubmed

Central synaptic inputs to identified leech neurons determined by peripheral targets. Loer & Kristan (1989) Science 244: 64-66. Pubmed

Peripheral target choice by homologous neurons during embryogenesis of the medicinal leech. I. Segment-specific preferences of Retzius cells. Loer & Kristan (1989) J. Neuroscience 9: 513-527. Pubmed

Peripheral target choice by homologous neurons during embryogenesis of the medicinal leech. II. Innervation of ectopic reproductive tissue by nonreproductive Retzius cells. Loer & Kristan (1989) J. Neuroscience 9: 528-538. Pubmed

Morphological changes in leech Retzius neurons after target contact during embryogenesis. Jellies, Loer & Kristan (1987) J. Neuroscience 7: 2618-2629. Pubmed

Segment-specific morphogenesis of leech Retzius neurons requires particular peripheral targets. Loer, Jellies & Kristan (1987) J. Neuroscience 7: 2630-2638 Pubmed

Development of segmental differences in the pressure mechanosensory neurons of the leech Haementeria ghilianii. Loer, Schley, Zipser & Kristan (1986) Journal of Comparative Neurology 254: 403-409. Pubmed

Neuronal cell death in grasshopper embryos: variable patterns in different species, clutches, and clones. Loer, Steeves & Goodman (1983) Journal of Embryology & Experimental Morphology 78: 169-182. (This journal is now known as 'Development') Pubmed - this paper originated as my undergraduate honors thesis.

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